Tabbs Tripp to Las Vegas

After nearly two months on the road, 14 states, 19 National Park Sites, 4 State Parks, and over 4,500 miles, we were ready for a bit of relaxation… or nightlife…. Or kid-friendly Halloween fun. All of which can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada!

My first goal in Las Vegas was to make sure that we had plenty of Halloween fun planned for Calvin. This was a huge concern of mine because I know how important Halloween is when you are 5! And, although Las Vegas is known for its adult-themed fun, there is plenty to do for kids too. (Sometimes it just takes a little extra research)

So, one of the first activities that I found, for October 27th,  was a Dive-In party at the local recreation department. We showed up in our costumes (Calvin was set on us being a vampire family, and we happily complied.) and got to swim in between activities and games. The event wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but it was still a great family-friendly time.

We went back to the camper for a little rest before the main event, Triq-or-Treating at the LINQ promenade. Let me just say that I was worried that Calvin would miss out on Trick-or-Treating this year, but the LINQ did not disappoint! There was a ton of candy, lots of people dressed in costumes, and it concluded with a fun “Monster Ball” performance. We had planned to walk (or catch an Uber) over to the Las Vegas Halloween Parade, but Calvin was totally wiped out from the days events.

The following day I had big plans to do more Halloween themed activities with Calvin, but the pool at our hotel (Tahiti Village Resort) screamed for us to just relax. And so, we did.

That night, I insisted that we go out and explore the city. I wanted to see the city in the lights. We took the free shuttle from our hotel to the strip, and explored some of the cooler sights. Eventually we made our way to the Bellagio to see the fountain show. It was definitely worth the trip out that evening…. And lulled my 4 year old right to sleep.

We spent most of the rest of our time in Vegas by the pool or eating. I did manage to drag everyone to Circus, Circus. Chris and I took turns playing the slots, while the other played video games with Calvin in the kids area. Calvin and I caught a performance of the trapeze artists, and Chris managed to win about $100!

Overall, we managed to fit in Halloween fun, relaxation, and a little bit of “old” and “new” Las Vegas into our trip. I’d call it a success!

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